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NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Noble Police Department said it’s searching for two suspects who allegedly used a cinderblock to break in to a dispensary and made off with $15,000 worth of marijuana.

“I think they had a plan. I think they’ve done it other places. It definitely wasn’t their first time,” Josh Blevins, the co-owner of the dispensary, said. “To be in and out in 30 seconds, cops were here within a minute and they were already gone.”

Security camera footage showed two suspects breaking into the Twisted Roo Dispensary in Noble. The two thieves broke in Dec. 17th at 1:30 a.m. The crime only took seconds to commit.

“They drove in the parking lot in the front, threw a cinderblock through a window, ran in. And I mean, it happened well within 30 seconds,” he said.

Blevins believes this wasn’t the suspects’ first hit. They side-stepped the cash register and headed straight for the top-shelf bud.

“I think they just knew what they were going for. What’s the easiest to grab? What has the most value?” said Blevins. “A lot of them fell down, shattered, and they made it out of here with about 12 jars with the flower.”

Multiple cameras captured the thieves hopping into a getaway car, a dark-colored two-door Acura Integra, with sun damage to the top. However, vital information was covered up.

“We couldn’t see the license plate tag from the camera. Normally we can. It was definitely covered up with it looks like duct tape.” Blevins told KFOR.

In all, the steal was worth up to $15,000. The damage left behind cost the store a couple thousand more.

“Stuff like this is going to happen. You know, we didn’t let it affect us,” he said.

While Noble police search for the suspects, Blevins hopes justice is served. He’s also thankful the situation wasn’t more dangerous, for the suspects’ sake.

“I just hope justice is served, but some places you might not be as lucky. Some places have armed guards, you know, it’s just not worth losing your life over,” said Blevins.

The co-owner told KFOR The Twisted Roo will be beefing up security at night.

If you know who the suspects are, call the Noble Police Department at (405) 872-9231. You can also leave an anonymous tip by using Crime Stoppers at (405) 366-7867.