OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Brazen thieves were caught on camera stealing thousands in roofing materials in the middle of the night from a metro area driveway.

“Our materials get delivered before we start the job [and] individuals came in the middle of the night and and stole about one third of the the products, almost half of the the products,” said Trevor Johnson, General Manager of Premier Roofing.

Home security video provided by the homeowner caught the brazent thieves circling the block, before backing up into a driveway and hauling thousands of dollars in shingles and building materials away.

“It was kind of a surprise and costly day,” added Johnson, who said the nightime theft cost the company both time and money.

“We were able to move forward with the with the project today, but we did have to do a lot of scrambling and running around to get the to refill those products,” he continued.

Johnson someone will recognize the men, who can be clearly seen in the video as they are stealing the materials: one man is wearing bright red shoes, and another has several tattoos visible on his upper body.

The video shows the men loading up a black, midsize vehicle with temporary tags with at least half the stash of shingles before driving off.

Now, the company hired for the project has a warning for both contractors and homeowners.

“This is happening quite a bit and to the point where even on [a] new build, new construction, the materials are being stolen off of the roof,” said Johnson.

“Put [the material] someplace where maybe [it’s] less visible from the street or keep an eye on them …cover them with a tarp or something,” he added.

“Clearly, there is a market for it.”

Premier Roofing says they’ve thought about tracking devices but they would have to be slipped into each bundle of shingles at the manufacturing plant; the cost to secure a project like this would be significant, and could drive the cost up, elsewhere.