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WASHINGTON (KFOR) – A third Oklahoman pled guilty to breaching the U.S. Capitol Complex during the insurrection on Jan. 6.

Federal court records show that Tanner Sells pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge on Monday for his actions during the insurrection.

Prosecutors say Sells entered the U.S. Capitol Building without permission and remained inside less than 10 minutes.

Someone reported Sells to the FBI after seeing a photo of him inside the capitol building on social media.

Sells faces six months in prison. He will be sentenced in January.

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Tanner Sells, Andrew Ericson and Danielle Doyle

The mob stormed the U.S. Capitol Complex on Jan. 6, damaging property and injuring Capitol police officers as Vice President Mike Pence and a joint session of Congress were counting Electoral College votes to confirm then-President-elect Joe Biden as the newly elected U.S. President.

Andrew Craig Ericson pled guilty to entering the capitol and stealing a beer from a mini-fridge in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s conference room.

Former Oklahoma City Thunder employee Danielle Doyle pled guilty in July to charges related to the insurrection.