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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Deer Creek, Edmond, and several other Oklahoma City-metro fire departments spent half of Thursday battling Mother Nature and flames at a home in Logan County. 

“This is never the outcome we want at the end, ” said Cpt. Corey Peoples with the Deer Creek Fire Protection. 

Fire crews, first alerted by a smoke alarm, rushed to the massive house fire

Upon arrival, they found the home surrounded by thick, gray smoke. 

Cpt. Peoples told KFOR he believes a wood burning stove may have caused it.

“It very well could have been a heated stove that they’ve been burning in for about three to four days straight,” said Cpt. Peoples. 

Peoples believes the stove could have overheated the pipe and then spread to the house.

Fire crews not only fighting the fire – fanned by the Oklahoma wind, but they also faced the battle in bitter temperatures.

Thankfully, the homeowners were not at home at the time – just grateful they’re alive.

“They’re doing fine, they’re upset, obviously, but they were here in time to watch the initial attack and they knew we were making every effort to do so,” said Cpt. Peoples. 

Fire crews did were able to salvage some belongings before fully attacking the fire.