ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – An Enid woman is facing child neglect charges after her children were found living in a trailer behind a home in deplorable conditions, police say.

“I heard some loud, loud crying down the road. [It’s] been going on. I’m worried about the child there,” said an anonymous caller to 911.

That was the call that sent Enid Police to a home near Randolph and 21st street.

Behind that house are two trailers, that officers described in court documents as ‘dilapidated and extremely run-down.’

“The conditions of the trailer were uninhabitable,” said Cass Rains, with the Enid Police Department. “Just in complete disarray.”

There, officers said they met 26-year-old Armanda Coulson.

Armanda Coulson, Courtesy: Garfield County Jail

She said the cries came from one of her children she had been ‘’disciplining’ for ‘acting up.’’

Inside the trailer, the officer said he spotted two children. The 2- and- 3-year-old toddlers were ‘covered in dirt and did not show any obvious signs of having bathed recently.’

Around the children, police said they saw trash, dirty laundry, rotten food, flies, and maggots. The trailer had no electricity and no plumbing.

“They had been told to use the bathroom by the mother using other means,” said Rains.

The children were allegedly told to use a Styrofoam cup as a restroom.

Inside the trailer, officers said they found two plastic containers full of urine.

“This is no condition for children to be in,” said Rains.

Court documents show Coulson told officers they’d only been there for a night, while repairs were being done at their home.

However, residents at that home said that wasn’t true and that Coulson had been gone for a week.

Officers said the toddlers told them the family had been living at the trailer for “a while.”

“Children can’t live in conditions like this, regardless of the reasoning or the shortness of period of time,” said Rains.

Documents said Coulson was arrested and booked into the Garfield County Jail, while the State Department of Human Services took the children somewhere safe.

Coulson is now being held on a $15,000 bond. Her next court date is set for November 21.