EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond neighborhood is on high alert and after a masked suspect was caught on camera lurking in resident’s back yards. Edmond police said he was carrying weapons.

“Very unnerving. I don’t think I slept at all that night, or the next night,” said Channe Laubach.

“This is something that’s really put the whole neighborhood on alert,” said Rhett Laubach.

The Laubach’s security cameras first captured the alleged suspect at 9:55pm on Saturday, dressed in all white, with a backpack, hood over his head, and a face mask.

“The only thing you could see of the skin was just around his eyes,” said Rhett.

Edmond Police said the suspect was wearing what appeared to be a fake police badge while carrying weapons.

“He had a handgun. And then it appeared he had some other, maybe a tire iron, is what she thought It might be or a pipe of some sort,” said Emily Ward, the spokeswoman for the Edmond Police Department. “And he was walking around and what would look like someone playing a tactical type movement?”

“The way he’s holding his gun is not the way we would train our officers,” said Ward.

Rhett had just left the house leaving Channe alone in their Chimney Hill home, which backs up to Hafer Park.

“It’s easy access,” said Rhett.

“I feel like they were waiting for him to leave and then come, you know?” said Channe.

At 4:00am, the Laubach’s cocker spaniel wouldn’t stop barking outside. When they checked the security cameras, they saw it was all clear. However, they spotted the suspect after rewinding the footage.

“I went knocking to all the neighbors doors to see if they had any footage or any kind of camera video surveillance,” said Channe.

Sure enough, two doors down they did.

“Just came in the gate, shut the gate, and then went back out. So he wasn’t there very long,” said Channe.

When Edmond Police arrived, Rhett said officers told him the situation seemed familiar.

“He told us that there’s teams of burglars that have been working in a lot of different neighborhoods. And this sounded like something like that,” said Rhett.

Edmond police were not able to confirm that.

Until officers are able to identify the suspect, the Laubachs and their neighbors said they have their guns loaded and their cameras recording.

“People have to be aware and have to make sure they’ve got security cameras and they’ve got lights and they’ve got protection measures in place,” said Rhett.

Edmond police want to know if this suspect was captured on any other home-security systems. If you have video give them a call.

The department said the suspect could face peeping tom charges.