OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Multiple lightning strikes caused several homes and structures to catch fire in Oklahoma City. 

“[It’s been] a very busy morning in Oklahoma City. We had five lightning strikes since 5:00 this morning,” said Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

The first fire started in the 18000 block of Providence Avenue.

“Homeowner called this in about 5 a.m. about a lightning strike,” Kyle Durhan, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. “We woke the family up, and everyone was able to get out.”

Lightning struck an air conditioning unit, which left the top of the home smoldering.

Five lightning strikes were reported within hours.

“Within what, two hours, maybe an hour or so. We responded to four or five,” said Fulkerson.

Lightning also struck a tank battery at an oil well site, causing power lines to come down.

“The product did leak from the tank,” said Fulkerson. “There was some damage to the tank itself, which allowed some of the product to escape. Those types of oil field sites have a containment system built around them.”

This week, possible severe storms are bringing even more concern.

“We just ask that our residents be very weather aware this week,” said Fulkerson. “Be aware and note not only lightning but also when we start having our flash flooding.”