OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police are searching for the suspect(s) who allegedly opened fire during an 18-year-old’s birthday, sending the birthday boy to the hospital in critical condition.

“[The call] came shortly after midnight when police responded to what initially came out as a loud noise disturbance,” said M.Sgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police. “There were a large number of teens there, many of whom were intoxicated.”

A big Saturday night 18th birthday party ended in gunshots at the end of a driveway near Southeast 44th and Indian Meridian – that’s just outside of Choctaw city limits.

“When officers arrived, they found one person had been shot, multiple times,” said M.Sgt. Knight. “The other person there suffered a graze wound to their face but was not seriously injured.”

An 18-year-old, the birthday boy, was struck. According to his GoFundMe Page, the bullets hit his thigh, shattered his arm, and penetrated his spleen.

On Monday, the victim’s mother was at the hospital with him as he recovers between surgeries and was unable to talk to KFOR on camera.

She said the teen, “will have to have more surgeries and has a hell of a battle to fight to get him back physically.”

The teen’s mom also said her son didn’t know the suspects and told News 4, “My son is not a trouble maker at all.”

“He has never been in trouble and I pray to God that no other family has to go through any of this,” the victim’s mother said to KFOR.

“The suspect has not been identified in the case. Lots of witnesses to interview. I’m sure that a lot of them saw something,” said M.Sgt. Knight.

While the police hunt down who’s responsible, the victim’s mother tells KFOR, “This momma will get the justice my son deserves.”

The teen’s mother said her son has another surgery lined up for Monday afternoon. According to his GoFundMe page, he has already had two.