OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Investigators with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office are looking for videos from different angles of a youth basketball game to help them piece together a brawl involving adults.

There was commotion on the basketball court that broke out July 16th, during a youth basketball game at SCORE OKC. The incident is now prompting an investigation by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

The video appears to show a man in a red shirt approaching a referee, then getting in his face.

The referee then appears to take a swing at the man in the red shirt.

Athletes cleared the court while adults rushed in to break up the fight.

“Guys, get back!” said an adult at the game.

While some parents and adults pushed and shoved in a huddle, off to the left the referee and another man, in the black shirt, began their own scuffle.

“One of the referees appears to strike him,” said Aaron Brilbeck, the Public Information Officer for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “It appears from the side that man goes unconscious. He’s unconscious for quite some time.”

Now, the Sheriff’s office says it needs more videos to clearly see how things unfolded.

“We know that there were at least a few videos that were taken at the scene over at SCORE OKC and we’d like to get as many angles as possible before we move forward with the investigation,” said Brilbeck.

SCORE OKC declined to go on camera. However, it’s attorney provided the following statement to News 4:

“On July 16, 2022, a group hosting a basketball tournament rented a portion of SCORE OKC’s facility for their tournament. The referees used for the tournament were provided by the group that rented the facility and were not employees of SCORE OKC. At this time, SCORE OKC does not have all of the details involving the incident that occurred at the tournament or the parties that were involved. SCORE OKC is cooperating with the authorities handling the investigation into this incident.”

Matthew Reynolds, President of NXTPRO which organized the event told News 4, “We do not tolerate any violence at our events.”

“We understand that parents get passionate and parents love their kids,” said Brilbeck. “This type of behavior is never acceptable. It’s never acceptable to be brawling in front of the kids on a basketball court over a kid’s basketball game.”

News 4 spoke to one of the men involved in the fight, but they also declined to talk on camera. However, he told us everything was just a misunderstanding and they’ve all decided to move on.