GOLDSBY, Okla. (KFOR) — The owners of Smith Aviation Services say communication devices, GPS and other pieces of navigation equipment were stolen from five of their planes early Friday morning. That means right now, the planes they use for flight school, can’t fly.

“Whoever did it, they knew what they were doing. They knew exactly how to get them out cleanly with no damage and quickly, apparently. To be able to use them later, to be able to reuse them, resell them,” said Dylan Smith, from Smith Aviation Services.

In these photos, the empty parts are where communication devices and GPS were stolen out of the planes.

“Of course, it was all the aircraft that were up here right by the gate, right at the front of the property. Quick and easy to get to,” said Smith.

Smith said right now, all planes in the flight school are grounded, meaning business is put on pause.

“For us, our biggest issue is loss of service, loss of revenue for us. And then this is flight training. So consistency and repetition matters. As of right now, we have. Well, now one, I found a lunar unit for one aircraft, but our other fleet types, those are grounded so nobody can train,” said Smith.

The McClain County Sheriffs Office arrived at David Jay Perry airport moments after the owners saw the damage Friday morning.

“We’re investigating the burglary of five separate airplanes to the amount of about $80,000 worth of avionics and plane equipment that were stolen out of the airplanes,” said the Sheriff’s office.

Now, the search for a possible suspect might take longer since cameras in the area weren’t working.

“So basically just some traditional investigative resources or methods, you know, through prints, whatever that may be, either footprints or fingerprints. And those are just some traditional things…witnesses, anybody in there,” said the Sheriffs office.

The owners of Smith Aviation said the plan now is to try and find replacement parts, but because the planes are older, it’s not as easy to find and get them quickly at a good price.