SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A lucky break lead to the capture of three suspected copper thieves, who were targeting an oil field site in Seminole County.

Seminole County deputies, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and Seminole Nation Lighthorse Police arrested three suspects on an oil site Friday.

Deputies said the thieves eyes were set on 60-pound copper windings.

“They would take it and strip what they could off of it,” said Deputy Mike Windle.

The suspects were caught on camera in the act, while an oil field pumper just so happened to be watching at the right time. That’s when deputies said the worker hopped into his car and headed their way. However, when he got to the site, the suspect took off.

Police said the crooks had one more trick up their sleeves and tried to turn the tables on the person who busted them.

While the worker was hot on the suspect’s tail, the three alleged crooks called deputies to tell them they were being followed.

“They called me and said there’s a white truck following them, so they called in on the pumper,” said the deputy. “I just kind of laughed. I thought ‘Okay, well, they’re trying to get the pumper in trouble for following them.’”

When the two cars got to the main road, Oklahoma State Troopers were there ready to arrest the suspects.

Richard Brooks, Matthew Grissom, and Briana Russell were all booked into the Seminole County Jail.

“A lot of people just hate thieves. They see them and think, ‘Well, we’re not going to catch them,’” said Windle. “By the time they see them and they report it to us, it may be a day it may be two days, and then there’s no real physical evidence that we can trace back to whoever it was.”

The sheriff’s office said copper theft is all too common at oil sites.

“If you work in the oil field in Seminole County you know the well sites have been hit several times with hundreds of thousands of dollars in property stolen,” said the sheriff’s office on Facebook.

“They’re so secluded and there’s so many of them that we can’t hit them all at the same time or in one night,” said the deputy.

Stealing the metal is hard work. Deputies said the suspects sometimes only score around $50 to $70 at a salvage yard. Not to mention, it’s dangerous.

“Sometimes they don’t shut the electricity off and cut the wires from the transformers,” said Deputy Windle. “So, they run the risk of electrocuting themselves.”

Brooks and Grissom were taken into custody for possessing, receiving or transporting stolen copper. Russell was taken in for conspiracy to commit a felony and was later given an additional charge for carrying contraband in to a penal facility.