OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Students head back to school this week and it’s important to remember safety tips when walking to school. Oklahoma City schools has some reminders, but eager students also have some tips to remember this year.

“Always wait for the crosswalk lady. The lines… you cannot run over or run across if she’s not there. And you always look left and right to make sure you don’t get hit,” said Kyleigh, a 2nd grade student.

“Listen, look, and don’t cross without holding a grown ups hands,” said Austin, a 1st grade student.

Those are a few of the tips young students are remembering this school year as they walk to school.

Oklahoma city schools says most of their schools will have crossing guards to guide students across the street.

“You can see we have clearly marked crosswalks and always stay within those crosswalks and clearly make sure there’s no traffic coming,” said Crystal Raymond, Media Relations Manager, OKCPS.

“You also have to make sure you if you’re really young, you have a parent with you always make sure that you just look left and right,” said Kyleigh.

One parent says while it’s important to look both ways on crosswalks, the parking lot itself can be deadly too.

“Our rule for our daughter is always look before you cross any street and look as soon as you get out of the car because parking lots are just as dangerous as streets. So that’s our rule. Stop. Look. Always. I tell her you’re way smaller than the cars,” said David Roberts, a parent.

As for tips to remember for drivers?

“Just make sure, you know, it’s that time of year. Slow down and take those extra few minutes just to make sure there’s no kiddos crossing the street,” said Raymond.

In another effort to stay safe this year, Oklahoma City schools says there’s a hot line to call to report something suspicious on the way to school. That number is 405-587-SAFE.