HYDRO, Okla. (KFOR) — So many people say Fall is their favorite season and it officially arrives on Saturday.

Corn mazes are always a fun family activity and Oklahoma has many to visit.

One such maze is in Hydro, Oklahoma.

P Bar Farms, an agro-tourism destination and for more than 20 years they’ve been creating corn mazes that are always a hit!

You may remember several years ago they created the 4Warn Corn-nado maze.

4Warn Corn Maze at P Bar Farms in 2016. (KFOR)

Each year the farm chooses a them and for 2023 it is “Where’s Wanda?”

Where’s Wanda Corn Maze at P Bar Farms in Hydro, Oklahoma. (KFOR)

Once you arrive here is the scenario:

Farmer Bill has actually lost his favorite pig, Wanda, she’s been lost in the corn maze. We’re using everybody to help so its kind of a friendly fun thing of everybody’s looking for Wanda!

Wanda is a stuffed pig and if you find her in the maze you could win a special prize.

There are ten acres of corn with about three miles of trails inside the maze.

“And just get out and have a good time with the kids. You’ll learn things and your kids will talk to you and you’ll hear things that you never heard before,” said Loren Liebscher, Owner of P Bar Farms.

This year’s corn maze was planted differently from previous years to help the environment.

“Yeah, we did a system called No Till. So we didn’t work the ground all summer long. We just let it sit and it had some oats on it and we’re trying to reduce nitrates in our water. So we’re trying to get healthy on the environment and doing some things that are a little bit kinder,” said Liebscher.

What happens if you get lost while walking through the trails? Maps are available before you go into the maze for easy reference.

As Halloween gets closer, the owners will do a haunted version of the maze.