OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – ‘Tis the season for porch pirates. Oklahoma City residents say they often see an uptick in their packages getting stolen this time of year. 

As Christmas approaches, neighbors all over the metro area have been reporting packages being stolen right off their front porch.

One resident in the Paseo neighborhood told us it’s happening more and more each day. 

“I’ve had a lot of reports from neighbors that there’s a couple people stealing packages off their porches. A lot of people will put their screengrabs from the ring video app on there and send it. So, everyone is kind of alert,” said Haley Woodard, Paseo resident.  

Haley Woodard said it’s been such a problem that she had her neighbors take in her deliveries while she was out of town.  

“I didn’t want mine to be stolen… I would say get some kind of camera to see what’s going on your front porch because there’s people walking around and biking and everything all the time, all times of the day and at night,” said Woodard.  

Right up the road in the Helm Farm neighborhood near NW 39th and Classen, one KFOR viewer sent in video of a woman in a FedEx jacket allegedly walking up to his home and stealing his package, then leaving in a gray pick-up truck.  

camera footage of woman in fedex jacket on front porch

Oklahoma City Police have some advice on how to keep your deliveries safe. 

Dillion Quirk with the Oklahoma City Police Department said most packages are stolen in broad day light while people are at work, and thieves are on the lookout for your deliveries this time of year. 

“We know that it’s an increased risk this time of year. The thieves know that people are ordering packages online, having them delivered to their homes… You can set up pickup times. It depends where you order through. There are site to store pickups that you can take advantage of. You can also set up a post office box or simply change the shipping address, maybe to your business if your job will allow it, or to a friend’s house or someone that’s going to be home during the day,” said Quirk.  

Quirk also said your cameras won’t stop the thieves, however, your cameras will help to identify who stole your stuff. 

“People simply just don’t realize their packages have been delivered and the theft will occur in the early morning hours or late overnight as well. So, the longer those packages sit out there, the more opportunity they have to be taken from your front porch,” said Quirk.  

The Oklahoma City Police Department also said investing in a package locker system is a good idea to help keep your packages safe as well. 

If you get a package stolen, make sure you report it to the police. That report can help you get in touch with the company and help you possibly get a refund, or a new package delivered. 

The homeowner whose package was stolen in the Helm Farm neighborhood is offering a reward to anyone who can identify the woman in the video. You can email Michael@TheGrebs.com. He said he is offering a $500 reward.