TONKAWA, Okla. (KFOR)- A fight that broke out Friday is now landing a Tonkawa Mid High School student in the state’s Juvenile District Court as she faces assault and battery charges.

Neither students’ name will be revealed as they’re both minors and no one has been formally charged.

Leading up the fight, the victim’s mother, Bridget Ward said her daughter has been constantly bullied by a group of female students.

Ward claims other students have told her daughter to kill herself, that her family doesn’t love her, and no one likes her.

Ward allegedly pleaded with the school to keep the students separated, but she said the district failed to do so on Friday.

Tonkawa Mid High School Principal, Kyle Simpson declined an on-camera interview, but told KFOR over the phone the fight broke out around lunch time.

Simpson said the school’s cafeteria is fairly small, so half of the students were in the lunch room while the other half waited in the gymnasium.

Ward’s daughter and a student who has allegedly been bullying her since the third day of school were put in the gym together.

In a 48 second video clip of the fight, students are cheering on the girl who will soon start the fight.

The student then yanks Ward’s daughter by the hair to the ground and starts throwing punches.

Ward’s daughter attempts to fight the student off, but eventually the other student straddles her and strikes her in the face multiple times.

In the video, students can be heard asking where teachers are specifically saying “Mr. Simpson left.”

Not one teacher approaches the fight during the video.

Students are then seen pulling the two girls from each other.

Simpson said there was a teacher on the way to the fight though.

Ward said her son got a call from his sister, explaining what had just happened.

The family headed to the school where Ward said she was told her daughter was waiting in a “side office.”

Ward claims they were the first adults to lay eyes on their daughter, saying no one had checked in on her well being prior.

“I just feel like she’s been failed at every turn on it. It did not, in my opinion, have to escalate to this point,” added Ward.

Ward said watching the video herself is infuriating and that breaks her heart to see her daughter treated as such.

Ward claims her daughter suffered injuries to her neck, her back, her ear, and her face.

Her daughter has gone to school the week following the fight, but has stayed home a couple of times. Ward said her daughter has had panic attacks since.

“Enough is enough. This has gone too far. I needed to protect my daughter because this would have continued,” stated Ward.

She filed a police report with the Tonkawa Police Department and pressed assault and battery charges.

According to the police report, the student who initiated the fight was booked at the Tonkawa Police Department the same day as the fight where she was later released to her parents.

Simpson told News 4 the school has handled the situation “appropriately.”

According to Simpson, that student faced a semester long suspension, but transferred to Epic Schools and is now taking online classes.

Ward said she feels safer sending her daughter to school knowing the other student is no longer there, but that it “doesn’t solve the issue.”

She told KFOR she wants the entire school district to take accountability for not doing something sooner.

“It’s not guns that are killing our students a lot of these times. It’s the bullying that is creating the school shootings. It’s the bullying that is creating the massive suicides. We have children who don’t have a safe place,” said Ward. “We don’t have rules being followed in school. We don’t have rules being enforced.”

A Tonkawa police officer confirmed the case is heading to the state’s Juvenile District Court in the next few weeks.

That same officer said the police department does teach the district’s kids about the consequences of bullying, and that it can be a crime.

Ward said the few days her daughter has gone to school this week, she has continued to be bullied by the same group of female students.

She is now considering removing her daughter from the district and transferring her elsewhere.