OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – During Friday’s fire danger, people in the metro area had one thing in common: they had places to be. 

“I took maybe 20, 30 steps and then [there was] smoke everywhere,” said one man who got stuck while waiting for a bus near Hefner Road and Kelley Road. 

As cars stood at a standstill in that area, one man pulled over, taking inventory of the traffic. 

“I was driving down the Kilpatrick Turnpike. It look massive. I thought that’s a really bad, bad fire,” he added. 

But from OKC at Hefner and Kelley along I-35 between Guthrie and Edmond there were barriers and blocks turning people away from the smoke and flames. 

The high winds created a perfect storm and traffic hazards all along the way.

Image courtesy KFOR

As first responders continued to track and douse dozens of hotspots,evacuation orders were also rolling, warning families to prioritize people over possessions and get to safety. 

The surrounding communities quickly stepped in to help.

“We’ve got some supplies on the way,and we’re trying to locate some cots and some blankets and pillows for people to be able to get some rest,” said Bret Moore of Waterloo Road Church of Christ and a member of Project Unify, a faith based disaster relief organization that stepped in to help. 

“We just want to help people however we can and we’re here to help as long as we need to be,” he added.