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KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – People in the small towns of Hennessey and Lacey are terrified and on edge after last week’s execution of four Chinese Nationals at a marijuana grow facility.

Now, online court records show the suspect was in town months before the murder.

“So, it’s crazy that we’re making national news. It’s crazy and it’s sad. Just I mean, four people have their life taken,” said Javier Renteria, who grew up in Hennessey which is just 10 miles away from the town of Lacey.

The two towns are making national and international headlines, after the targeted quadruple murder at a rural marijuana grow farm on Nov. 20. Five people were shot, and of the five, four were killed execution-style. The OSBI said all of them were Chinese Nationals.

“That’s complicating matters because of a number of issues, including the language barrier, as well as identifying and notifying next of kin,” said Brook Arbeitman, the spokeswoman for OSBI. “We don’t want to release any names until next of kin are notified.”

Two days later, agents said the suspect, Wu Chen, was arrested by US Marshals in Miami after his car tag was flagged. The 45-year-old went before a Florida judge with a translator.

Mugshot of Wu Chen
Wu Chen. Image courtesy Miami-Dade County Corrections

“I don’t want to go back to Oklahoma because if I go back to Oklahoma I am afraid I will be killed because these people are ‘mafias,’” said the translator for Chen. “I want to stay here. Whenever, how long, I have to stay in jail. I don’t care.”

Chen eventually accepting his fate to be extradited.

When KFOR asked the Kingfisher DA if Chen was in Oklahoma yet, they told us “no comment.”

News 4 called the Miami jail. The jail corporal told us “the individual is still here.”

Online court records show Chen was in Oklahoma before the killings. Documents say he was pulled over for speeding and following too closely. Wu’s address is listed as Hennessey. He paid the ticket in late October.

Meanwhile, in Hennessey and Lacey, Renteria is visiting his hometown for the holidays. His concerns echoed many of those too afraid to go on camera.

“It’s kind of scary at times because you don’t know who’s driving by, what they’re doing, what people’s intentions are, especially after everything that happened out there,” said Renteria.

News 4 asked the OSBI if the victims have been identified yet. They said since agents are still investigating, they’re not releasing any more details today.