OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Believe it or not, it’s time to start running again.

After two years of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon being in October, plans are to have the 2022 races back in their usual April time slot.

Training is underway and, as always, Oklahomans have a ton of different reasons to run.

“Today was just a 3-mile training run. First training run of the season,” said Kelly Hilburn, of the Landrunners Running Club.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, over 100 runners reported to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum to officially start training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

“We have people who have run in all of them and we have people who are running for the first time. Their resolution is to get up off the couch and do a 5K or relay or a half marathon,” said Kari Watkins, of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

The 22nd edition of the race is back in its traditional spring time slot, April 24th.

Around 18,000 runners are expected to pound the pavement.

“This is my first one,” said China Wells. She says she has been trying to build up her distance for a while now because she has a reason to run that is near and dear to her heart.

“I pretty much got started at the start of COVID running, especially after my dad passed away. He had a heart condition and then complications from COVID and I kind of got a fire under me from that,” said Wells.

Runners of all shapes and sizes were out for the training event. Running clubs were there in force; Red Coyote and the Landrunners were some of the more recognizable names making the scheduled runs part of the training routine.

“It’s good to have people to run with instead of running all alone,” said Hilburn.

Runners there were able to register for the 5K, relay, half, and full marathons.

“We are doing a family thing,” said Brian Gelvin.

The Gelvins will have 4 generations running this April, including 75-year-old Brian.

“She [his daughter Tammy] inspired me last year when they did the marathon in October to train up and do one,” said Gelvin.

So what kind of advice do seasoned runners have for beginners when it come to the OKC Memorial Marathon?

“A massage therapist about every three weeks really comes in handy,” said Hilburn.

“Just start! It’s all you have to do. Anybody can do it, if you just start,” said longtime marathon runner Tammy Robelen.

To register for the race or to get more information on that training run schedule, you can visit the marathon’s website.