OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Travel trouble is impacting people across the nation and in Oklahoma City Wednesday morning. Thousands of flyers were stuck after the  Federal Aviation Administration grounded flights because of a computer glitch.

“This was unexpected,” said Phillip Hawley. ” These days, so much crazy stuff is happening.” 

“When the FAA grounds flights nationwide, that means all airports, whatever planes are getting ready to depart from an airport like Will Rogers, they are not able to leave per the FAA,” said Stacey Hamm, a spokesperson with the FAA. 

 The FAA ordered all airlines to pause domestic departures, which caused 36 flights at will rogers to be grounded.

“It’s been a long time since the FAA has had a little technology glitch that affected flights and grounded them,” said Hamm. “Luckily, they were on top of it and didn’t ground planes for too long.” 

Around 10 a.m., things were back to normal at Will Rogers. 

“These things happen when you travel, especially after the Southwest stuff that happened recently,” said Hawley.