OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Starting this weekend, you can admire the artwork of the Sistine Chapel – right here in Oklahoma City! 

A traveling exhibition with life-size works of art is setting up shop downtown. 

“For the price of a plate of pasta in Italy, you can come see one of Rome’s most iconic artwork in your own backyard,” said Eric Leong with SEE Global Entertainment.

Inside new venue – Sailor and the Dock in Downtown Oklahoma City – images from the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel are taking up residence through early December. 

SEE Global Entertainment began touring this exhibit seven years ago. 

“So this started when our CEO went to the Sistine Chapel and had a less than ideal experience,” Leong said. “He was rushed through the chapel and 15 minutes was packed shoulder to shoulder with people, didn’t know what he was looking at, craning his neck out, trying to see figure out what he was observing and he just felt this wasn’t the ideal environment to enjoy this iconic artwork.” 

So he had the idea to bring the art down from the ceiling – in a more intimate environment.  

Organizers hope that even if you’ve been to the Sistine Chapel – you’ll see something you hadn’t noticed before.  

“Let people study it up close and take their time so that they could just soak in every detail and, like, really get a sense of Michelangelo’s journey. His subject matter and this really, really amazing piece of art,” Leong said. 

Sailor and the Dock, where the exhibition is happening, is located at 617 Sheridan Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102

The exhibit opens Friday, Sept. 30 and is open Thursdays – Sundays from 11 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. until Dec. 4.

Tickets are around $20.