TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – Two days after the tragic mass shooting at a medical complex in Tulsa, multiple vigils were held to pray, heal and honor four lives lost.

Hundreds in the Tulsa community gathered at John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park and LaFortune Park Friday evening to reconcile with the unimaginable.

“I was crushed,” said Shannyn Geurin-Burdess, one of the vigil’s organizers. “I was absolutely crushed.”

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Over 60 people gathered at Reconciliation Park to memorialize four lives lost. Image KFOR

Four lives were lost to a mass shooter in Wednesday.

Dr. Preston Phillips, Dr. Stephanie Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn and patient William Love were shot and killed at the Saint Francis Hospital complex by gunman Michael Louis.

Authorities believe Louis was dissatisfied and upset about his back pain treatment from Dr. Phillips.

“Why take four peoples’ lives when it wasn’t called for?” wondered vigil attendee Toni Bradley. “These people tried to help. It’s just a tragedy what happened.”

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A tribute to (L-R) Dr. Preston Phillips, Dr. Stephanie Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn, and patron William Love. Image KFOR

At Reconciliation Park, pictures of the four victims were displayed and several pastors spoke words of hope and healing. At LaFortune Park across the street from Saint Francis Hospital, people lit candles as they sang and prayed.

“I cannot imagine what their families are going through,” Geurin-Burdess said. “It’s just mind-boggling. I hurt for the families more than anything else.”

Community members gathered together to honor the four lives lost. Image KFOR

Dr. Husen patient Debbra Jones is remembering the doctor’s caring heart. Too sad to speak, her husband Bruce spoke on her behalf. He said he attended the medical appointments with his wife.

“Husen was just stellar the way she worked her experience to make her feel better,” he shared. “Then when we found out that she had been shot and passed away, it was just very personal and very upsetting.”

Debbra simply called the loss “heartbreaking.”

The Tulsa community hopes that through community, they can make it through these dark times.

“Tulsa has always been a community that has come together and supported its people no matter what the situation,” Geurin-Burdess said.

The Tulsa Community Foundation has a St. Francis employee emergency fund set up at tulsacf.org/saintfrancisstrong to help those affected by this tragedy.