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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – Authorities in Tulsa say an Oklahoma ‘Peeping Tom’ suspect has pleaded guilty to numerous charges involving home break-ins and sexual assaults.

”Jesse Moore roamed Tulsa’s neighborhoods and terrorized his victims. He peered inside windows, broke into homes, and targeted at least two victims for sexual assault. Then while awaiting trial, he coerced a minor into sending him sexually explicit photographs and videos,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson. “This dangerous criminal no longer poses a threat to our community thanks to dedicated work of Tulsa Police Detectives and federal prosecutor Joel-lyn McCormick.”

In a blind plea, 19-year-old Jesse Moore pleaded guilty to lewd acts with a child under 16, three counts of first-degree burglary, attempted sexual abuse by threat, coercion and enticement of a minor, attempted production of child pornography, and attempted receipt of child pornography.

Officials say the crimes began on May 5, 2020 when Moore broke into a home in Tulsa where a child was sleeping. Once inside the home, he masturbated over the victim.

On Nov. 8, 2020, Moore then broke into another home where prosecutors say he intended to commit a lewd act with a child. When the child saw Moore, he screamed, which caused Moore to run from the home. The mother of the child told detectives that Moore had been in her backyard several times and looked through her windows.

On Dec. 13, 2020, Moore then broke into a home and attempted to rape a female victim. Investigators say Moore unscrewed a porch light, and then broke into the home. He found the victim and began touching her, which is when she woke up.

Court records state that Moore threatened to kill the victim if she said anything. As he attempted to rape her, she bit his hand, which caused him to let her go and run from the home.

Officials say the break-in and attempted rape occurred after multiple ‘Peeping Tom’ incidents earlier in the week at the same home.

Officers were able to identify the suspect’s Range Rover, which checked back to Jesse Moore.

While in custody and awaiting trial, authorities say Moore accessed the JailATM system and video chatted with a 16-year-old girl. During conversations with the girl, Moore repeatedly pressured her to send him sexually explicit videos and images.

The sent some pre-recorded videos, but most were rejected by the system. However, officials say Moore was able to receive at least one video.

“The acts this person committed against the citizens of Tulsa are horrific and incomprehensible. Had intervention not occurred, this criminal behavior would have only worsened. I am very proud of the work done by Tulsa Police Officers involved with bringing this predator to justice, and thankful for the efforts of the United States Attorney’s Office for prosecuting Moore,” said Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin. “While this arrest will not eliminate the trauma these families endured, I hope that putting this man behind bars provides them with a bit of closure.”

Moore is set to be sentenced on Jan. 27, 2022.