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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – The Tulsa Police Department says two people were arrested for beating up a Sonic manager after receiving the wrong order.

Officers were called out to the Sonic near 81st and Lewis for an assault around 7:30 p.m. May 27.

Investigators learned two suspects, later identified as Quantaurius Simmons and Andres “Bri” Brisco, arrived at the Sonic with two other people in a black Altima and ordered some jalapeno poppers and a hot dog in the drive-thru.

“However, the suspects instead received a hot dog with jalapenos on it, and became very upset,” said the Tulsa Police Department on Facebook.

Simmons began to argue with one of the employees, and eventually the manager stepped in.

Police say at some point in the disagreement, Simmons attempted to enter inside the Sonic kitchen and the manager stopped him.

“Simmons then dragged the manager outside, punched him numerous times, then body slammed the manager onto the ground and kept punching him some more,” said the Tulsa Police Department. “Brisco, who was still upset over the wrong order, saw the fight happening and decided to take part. Brisco began throwing punches in the direction of the fight, however, she ended up hitting the other suspect more than she hit the victim.”

Police say the whole thing was caught on video.

The manager was taken to the hospital with several injuries.

Officers tracked down Brisco and Simmons at the Red River Apartments near 71st and Riverside, and arrested them for Aggravated Assault and Battery.