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ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. (KJRH) – Authorities arrested two people following a horrific case of child abuse in an Oklahoma community.

According to KJRH, Rogers County deputies spoke with Jeannette Wilson after she reported that her 3-year-old daughter had been abused for six days.

She told investigators that Gustus Pennington had used a belt, a board, and a shock collar to abuse the child.

Once inside the home, deputies found a table that the child had been strapped to and a camera that was used to monitor her while she was locked in a bedroom. At certain points, the child allegedly was told to hold a sign to the camera that read “I am a liar.”

Wilson was arrested on complaints of child abuse and enabling child abuse.

Gustus Pennington was arrested on complaints of kidnapping or abduction, assault, child abuse, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.