ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – An Enid mother and grandmother are facing felony charges after allegedly chaining a 17-year-old with special needs to a recliner couch. 

“For me this was a first having heard of a child being restrained in such a manner,” said Cass Rains, with the Enid Police Department. 

On Friday, Oct. 7, concern filled two Dobson Fiber employees, as one caught a glimpse of a troubling sight, while installing a woman’s fiber internet service. 

“We need a welfare check done on the customer we’re installing,” one of the employees told the 911 dispatcher. “She has her daughter chained to a couch and the daughter has special needs.” 

Police officers were sent to the home. Inside, court records filed in Garfield County District Court say police saw the 17-year-old sitting on a recliner couch with a chain around her left ankle and locked with a padlock. The chain “ran to the frame of the recliner where it was attached to the frame,” according to the documents. 

“Terrible,” Lavelle Howard, a neighbor, told KFOR. “I can’t believe that anybody would do that.” 

In the below picture, you can see the scabs and cuts surrounding the teen’s ankle and foot. 

Cuts and scabs around ankle. Image courtesy Enid Police Department.

Court records say the injuries are consistent with “a chain, much like the one around her left ankle, being wrapped around her ankle and being pulled very tight.” 

“Judging from the scarring of the wounds and the scarring that it had been some significant amount of time,” said Rains. 

Court records show when asked why the 17-year-old was chained up, the teen’s grandmother, Mildred Perez, told police the teen “always runs away and is stronger than them.” Perez added, “she is dangerous to herself and others,” according to court documents. 

The documents also reveal Jennifer Perez, the teen’s mother, said “the police and DHS don’t help them and that is why they chained her to the couch.” 

The court records also add at one point, Mildred and Jennifer Perez told police that the teen’s scabs were from a dog bite. However, the court documents say, “the scabs did not look close to a dog bite at all.” 

It’s not clear who is caring for the teen now, but both Mildred and Jennifer Perez are charged with Abuse by Caretaker and Conspiracy to Commit Child Abuse or in the alternative.

Their bonds are set at $150,000, according to the Oklahoma State Courts Network.