CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office says stolen items in the southern part of Cleveland County have been a problem for investigators for the past couple months.

Deputies searched a home and found some stolen items, but that’s not all. In a home just south of Lake Thunderbird, authorities found multiple different drugs and a 4-month-old child living in deplorable conditions.

“Obviously, a child that is in poor conditions like that inside a house, it’s very important for our deputies and the sheriff to take care of the child,” Hunter McKee said with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

Both 41-year-old David Bailey and 34-year-old Justin Perrier are behind bars because of the incident. Deputies that are a part of the Community Response Team served a search warrant Wednesday at the home and found meth, magic mushrooms, and heroin along with two stolen vehicles and a stolen generator. That’s also when they found the child.

Drugs found in Cleveland Co. home. Image courtesy Cleveland Co. Sheriff’s Office.

“There wasn’t a lot of food. There was no electricity inside the house at the time that we went in,” McKee said. “Crimes like this, especially when a child is involved, is extremely sad.”

The child wasn’t sick or injured but has since been placed into DHS custody. McKee added that this just adds to the problem popping up over the last couple months for their office. That being stolen items being reported across the southern parts of their county.

“Looking into that and trying to find that stolen property, arrest those who are responsible for that is something that we’ve been trying to crack down a lot on,” McKee said. “This is just one of one piece to that big puzzle of trying to solve this.”

Bailey was arrested on out-of-county warrants and will face additional charges because of this incident. Perrier is also facing multiple charges. Both of them are in the Cleveland County jail.