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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Authorities say they have arrested two people in connection to a scam targeting elderly Oklahomans.

Last week, Oklahoma City police officials said they had learned of several scam calls targeting older Oklahomans.

Officials say the scammer called the victim with detailed information about a relative of the victim, and then claimed their loved one was in jail. The scammer would then tell the victim that they needed to provide cash for a bond.

Authorities say that because of the detailed information the suspect had, many of the victims felt like his claims were legitimate.

At that point, a person would arrive at the victim’s home to collect the money.

It didn’t take long before two people were in custody for the scam.

Investigators say that two people were arrested when they went to a victim’s home to pick up the cash in Edmond.

Authorities arrested 37-year-old Roger Ray and 27-year-old Jabriex Mann on complaints of conspiracy, obtaining money by false pretenses, and exploitation of the elderly.