OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma County Detention Center officials say special investigators and alert mail room staff thwarted an attempt to smuggle narcotics into the jail through the post.

In October of 2022, mail room personnel alerted investigators about two suspicious packages addressed to a detainee. The packages appeared to be legal mail from a law firm in Oklahoma City, however the packages were postmarked from Colorado.

An investigator inspected the packages and discovered several pills hidden inside one of them. OSBI testing revealed the pills were positive for fentanyl.

Later in the month, the same detainee received envelope with a postmarking also from Colorado. The envelope contained a card and five pictures. OSBI testing on those items were positive for methamphetamine.

Jordan K. Keith. Image courtesy Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office filed charged against two individuals. Former detainee Jordan Kathleen Keith and Terrance Lee Burmood each face two counts of Conspiracy to Commit a Felony and two counts of Possession of Controlled Drugs in Jail/Penal Institution.

Keith is currently serving a sentence with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Burmood lives out of state.

“It is imperative that we hold people accountable for the harm they can bring upon detainees and staff by smuggling in drugs and contraband, “said Brandi Garner, Interim CEO of the Oklahoma County Detention Center. “Fighting contraband is an ongoing battle. We will continue be vigilant in our efforts to keep drugs out of the jail and will not hesitate to prosecute anyone who is caught smuggling contraband in the jail.”

Once Burmood is in custody, he will be extradited to Oklahoma to face charges.