OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — The Oklahoma County Jail says it’s tracked down the source of illegal drugs that almost made their way to inmates last October.

It looked like normal mail but inside officers found fentanyl.

The jail says a man living out of state tried mailing the drugs to an inmate, but when they saw the return address, staff instantly knew something was off.

“In this case, there was an address from an Oklahoma City law firm, but it had a postmark from Denver, Colorado, so that grew suspicious right then,” Mark Opgrande, communications director for OK County Detention Center said.

The people in the mail room who spotted this contacted investigators.

“They came in, started to look a little bit different, looked all through the package and made sure and found out that there was some pills from fentanyl and that were able to be identified,” Opgrande said.

Mark says checking suspicious packages is nothing new, especially when it comes to drugs.

“It is a fairly common thing that people try to smuggle in mail, not just legal mail, but through other means, other mail, too, as well,” Opgrande said.

With fentanyl use going up across the country, keeping it out of jails has been challenging.

“Every correctional industry is fighting the same fight to try to keep fentanyl out,” Opgrande said. “It takes so little fentanyl that can be fatal. Just a few grains of what would look like salt would be fatal to a human being.”

Two people are now facing charges for this. Jordan Keith was already in custody and she will have the new charges added.

Meanwhile, Terrance Burmood, the man accused of sending the pills is believed to be living in Denver. Once he is in custody, he will be extradited to Oklahoma to face charges.