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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond elementary school had a scary episode when a student who claimed to have consumed edible marijuana was taken to the hospital along with another student.

“It was very scary for school administrators. They were very concerned and this was totally preventable,” said Susan Parks-Schlepp, Edmond Public Schools.

Two Sunset elementary 4th graders were taken to the hospital after the pair allegedly consumed medical marijuana gummies.

“They looked like candy. They were little square blue gummies,” Parks-Schlepp said. “A fourth-grade girl came to the secretaries here in the front office at Sunset Elementary and said that she had a headache, that she wasn’t feeling very well and said that she had consumed an edible.”

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Sunset Elementary

School administrators worked quickly to put the pieces together, in the process finding another student who also ate the gummies.

“Because of the way that she had reported it we believe that she did know exactly what she was taking, and the investigation shows that this actually began outside of school in a group chat between a bunch of fourth graders who know each other or live close to each other,” Parks-Schlepp said.

One child planned to bring the edibles to school, giving them to two others. Edmond police also responded to ensure the safety of the home where the gummies came from.

“We are a drug and alcohol-free campus. We have a school board policy – all three students received consequences. In accordance with their age and school board policy, I can’t speak to the specifics of that,” Parks-Schlepp said.

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We spoke with people who live near the school, like Randy Gillum, whose kids went to sunset.

“It’s not really surprising,” Gillum said. “It’s just the responsibility of the parents to make sure that this doesn’t happen to the kids and potentially kill another child.”

Edmond school officials are also hoping parents will step up and lock up their medications, as well as talk to their kids about the risk of consuming the edibles.

“And why children should not be taking it because it can be very strong and these two kids were sick,” Parks-Schlepp said.

The district tells us thankfully those students are doing OK. 

We still have more questions about the investigation, such as how the child got the edibles, but Edmond police tell us their report won’t be ready until next week.