OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An alert was sent to residents of Burntwood Trailer Park in southeast Oklahoma City that management has brought in two different wildlife experts and dogs to rid the neighborhood of its 13-foot-long albino, cat-eating python.

“Just get rid of it, why is it taking so long,” said one resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

Over two weeks ago, management warned residents to not talk to the media about the snake. However, because the snake is said to have been there for around six months, many residents want accountability.

Those interviewed did not want to be named out of fear of either eviction or some sort of retaliation from management.

The latest effort comes not too long after the last wildlife expert had to quit because he had said park management was being rude to his employees.

“We’re going into month six now, let’s go,” said one resident. “Honestly, I don’t understand why it’s now taking like two wildlife experts to come out here and figure out how to catch a snake. Is it that difficult?”

The snake is said to have been feeding on neighborhood cats and small pets/animals since June, maybe earlier.

During an interview with one anonymous resident, staff from the trailer park was seen following him and consistently driving near the interview.

“They need to just take accountability for this and make it right,” said one anonymous resident. “They’re covering it up as much as possible and trying to keep it very quiet.”

The latest alert has taken on a softer voice instead of being forceful/slightly threatening.

“We have engaged addtional wildlife control groups that will be coming into the community this week to help with the capture of the snake. We are working with two new experts to help resolve the issue.

Please note, we will have our expert tracking the snake utilizing two dogs starting this evening October 17th. The expert and his two Labrador Retrievers (one will be on leash and one off), will be coming through the community late evening and accompanied by security. Please do not be alarmed.

Again, we thank the entire Burntwood community for your patience and cooperation and hope that we can get a solution this week. If you have any questions, please reach out to the community Office. Thank you.

Management at Burntwood Mobile Home Park

“They claim that last night and tonight that they will be out in the neighborhood after dark with dogs hunting for it,” said one resident. “Nobody saw dogs or traps last night, nobody saw people and we haven’t really seen anything today.”

There is also Bryant Elementary School next to the trailer park which is a concern as there isn’t a finished gate to stop the python from slithering over.

“There are a lot of kids at the school next door, it doesn’t make sense that we are still even talking about the snake still being there,” said one resident. “Figure it out, don’t be rude to people just because you’re on the hot spot.”

KFOR sent several emails three weeks ago asking for a response to the snake seen slithering in the neighborhood. KFOR has been kicked out five times for trying to enter Burntwood. KFOR has called Yes! Communities the nationally known company that runs the park, did not answer or call back.