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SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Two families spoke to KFOR Friday about several items that were stolen from their storage units in Shawnee.

The thief allegedly took them and put them in his own unit in the same storage facility. At the same time, the thief allegedly was changing out people’s locks on their units.

Brenda Boren and her wife Misty said they rent three storage units at Woody’s Mini-Storage in Shawnee and allege that the thief took just about everything they own. They’re also not the only one’s dealing with the situation.

“Everything we own is in those three storage units,” Boren said.

It was a Thanksgiving holiday to forget for Boren and her family. They were heading to drop a few things off at their storage unit, only to open it and see that everything was gone.

“It was devastating to me and my family,” she said.

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Storage units at Woody’s Mini-Storage.

A bed, TV, dresser and even their kids’ Christmas presents were all taken. Boren estimated that about $7,000 to $8,000 in items were taken from two of the three units they rent there.

“It’s not just money items, you know, it’s stuff you can never replace, and it’s gone,” she said.

They’re not the only ones dealing with it either. Another person posted on Facebook about the same storage facility. A transcript of what they wrote can be read below:

“Woodys mini storage on 45th just east of tool boxes motorcycle shop. I rented a storage building on Friday the 19th. We moved some stuff in there on Sunday. Took another load out tonight and noticed the padlock had been changed. I called the emergency line and the lady said they do not change locks, just add another one. She gave me permission to cut the lock and yep!!! Some one stole all my stuff except my kitchen table and chairs 🤷‍♂️when I asked about the cameras that are everywhere, the lady told me they are dummy cameras.

Renter beware. After filing a police report I learned they have many calls out there all the time for theft.”

KFOR spoke to the person that posted this as well as his wife. They did not want to go on camera.

“This has probably been going on for a while,” Boren said.

Boren said she saw those same people at the facility on Thanksgiving Day, when they realized their stuff had been stolen.

“They were here because their unit had been broken into and stuff stolen out of it the day before,” she said.

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Woody’s Mini-Storage

They told Boren they were waiting to see if the thief was going to come back to the facility. He did.

“We stopped him from leaving,” Boren said.

Borden said she blocked the driveway until help arrived. She said Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office deputies told her there was a piece of evidence that made them realize he was the thief.

“They had taken a photo of some mail that was in his locker that had my name on it,” she said.

Authorities arrested the man on scene. KFOR reached out to the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s office for more details, but we were told they were closed Friday and would open again Monday. They also opened the man’s unit. Boren said her things and other people’s things were in there. We spoke to a security official on site at the facility who called the manager for us in an attempt to get a comment.

“Is there anything you folks would want to say regarding the situation?” KFOR asked as the security employee held a cell phone to the fence.

“No, I don’t. Not at the moment,” the manager on the phone responded.

Boren had a warning for others.

“Make sure that you keep an eye on your stuff,” Boren said.

Both families allege the manager told them the cameras were “dummy cameras” and that they don’t work. KFOR was not able to confirm that. Boren said they have recovered some items, but not all of them. Her wife Misty also lost several sentimental items that were her dad’s. Keepsake boxes, pictures of her dad, his shirts, a red and blue blanket and some tools. She said her name is on her dad’s stuff that way it can be identified. Boren said they had a tanning bed that they found out was stolen and put on sale on Facebook marketplace.