MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Two 16-year-old high school students were seen walking out of school in handcuffs after allegedly assaulting Midwest City High School staff Wednesday. Students talked with KFOR on Thursday about what they say happened.  

Students at Midwest City High School told KFOR they are in shock after hearing that their principal was assaulted by a high schooler during class. They said it’s been the talk around campus and there’s been conflicting stories about how it all started. 

“I was surprised because I didn’t think something like this would happen this early in the school year,” said Trinitie Spagner, sophomore at Midwest City High School. 

Sophomore Bernie Wren said he was in the sitting in the classroom directly below where the fight was taking place. 

“And all you heard was glass breaking and stuff falling. But, I thought it was just people jumping,” said Wren. 

According to the Midwest City Beacon, a female student allegedly assaulted a teacher during class. Principal Leslie Berger tried to break up the incident and was allegedly attacked by the student. 

Students on campus told KFOR another student jumped in to defend the 16-year-old.  

The Midwest City Beacon said that student was taken into custody along with the teen who started the altercation. She was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention center. 

KFOR obtained internal memos sent to staff about the fight. 

Below is the message from Principal Berger: 

Well, what a day. I know everyone has heard. We had a situation that escalated quickly. Mr. Brown and I were struck multiple times when the attack happened. 

This was not a fight. It was an assault. This resulted in 4 other employees getting involved with some having been assaulted, as well. 

The good news is we are all fine. We will be back to school tomorrow. None of us are victims to 16 year olds. I’m still gonna be me. I’m not changing. 

The good news, our student body is awesome. They showed great concern for us and felt outrage at the perpetrators. 

They know this not the Bomber Way. If you have any of the students in class that witnessed the attack, please check on them. 

Leslie Berger, Midwest City High School Principal

But how it all started, still remains a mystery. 

“My brother told me the girl wasn’t listening to the teacher and she was on a video call… Which I understand, she shouldn’t be on her phone,” said Wren.  

“I was told that basically it was over a drink. These two freshmen got into a fight over a drink,” said Honesty Coleman, Midwest City School sophomore.  

To help put those rumors to rest, we reached out to the Midwest City Police Department. 

The Midwest City Chief of Police, Sid Porter, said they will not talk about the investigation and referred us back to the school for a statement. 

“No, we don’t have anything to add from what the school’s put out. So, it’s involving juveniles, so that stuffs not releasable,” Porter said. 

The school district would only share with KFOR the letter that was sent home to parents on Wednesday that confirms the fight.  

Below is the message from Principal Berger: 

“Good afternoon Midwest City High School families. We wanted to make you aware of an incident that happened today at our school. A fight took place on our campus and local authorities were called to our school to assist. We are visiting with students and staff who witnessed the altercation and we will assist the authorities in their investigation of the incident. The safety of our students and staff is our priority.” 

According to the Midwest City Beacon, the two students are each facing five counts of assault and battery.