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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City man was sentenced to three life sentences in federal court last month for committing three bank robberies in Oklahoma City and Chickasha.

On December 4, 2019, Dwayne Edward Rasmussen, 56, was charged by superseding indicted with four counts of bank robbery.

According to evidence at trial, Rasmussen robbed three banks in the course of two months.

Mark Drew Wilson, Rasmussen’s accomplice for the robberies, testified to driving the getaway vehicle and the preparation for each robbery. On February 26, Wilson was sentenced to 30 months in prison for conspiracy to commit bank robbery.

Evidence at trial also showed that Rasmussen wore gloves and disguised his appearance to avoid apprehension during the commission of the robberies.

Bank surveillance video and identifications by bank employees also tied Rasmussen to each bank robbery.

In the robberies, Rasmussen used the same terminology demanding “100s and 50s,” and threatened “That’s not enough.  Give me all your money.”

During the trial, evidence showed it appeared Rasmussen used a firearm during the commission of the bank robberies. 

On January 23, after a six-day jury trial, the jury found Rasmussen guilty of three counts of bank robbery.  The jury acquitted him on one bank-robbery count.  

He was sentenced to life in prison on each of the three bank robbery counts. The judge ordered that those three sentences run concurrent to each other. He was also ordered to pay $37,784.00 in restitution, joint and several with the restitution imposed against Wilson.

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