OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two Oklahoma City teens are in critical condition in the hospital after a motorcycle wreck that occurred last week.

Both 13-year-old Aidan Abouarrage and 17-year-old Cameron Smith are fighting for their lives after the crash near NW Expressway and County Line Rd.

Both families said it’s a miracle they’re alive and are now just hoping for the best in their recovery.

“Everybody’s in shock,” said Jennifer Abouarrage, Aidan’s mom. “We just cry. His sister doesn’t understand.”

“Man, it’s been tough, you know,” said Cameron’s dad William Smith. “Emotionally and mentally.”

It’s been a week of stress and sadness for the families.

“A lot of mixed emotions,” said Chris Abouarrage, Aidan’s dad. “I mean, it’s kind of crazy.”

“It’s like, your world kind of gets turned upside down,” Smith said.

Aidan’s mom Jennifer said she dropped Aidan off at his friend’s house to play video games. Next thing she knew, she was getting a call no mother ever wants to get from police.

“I just fell down,” Abouarrage said. “It’s just been really, really hard.”

The families declined to answer questions or go into detail about what took place the night of the crash, leaving that unclear at this time.

Fast forward to Saturday, Aidan is still suffering from multiple injuries.

Abouarrage did not go into full detail, but said Aidan can’t breathe on his own, and new injuries are popping up every day. She said his pelvis split in two and he likely won’t be coming home for about a year.

“He’s just unable to move,” Abouarrage said.

“It’s not just our immediate family,” Smith said. “Of course, our extended family’s hearts are breaking for them.”

Smith said Cameron is suffering from broken arms, pelvis and legs along with third and fourth-degree burns on his body, facial fractures and busted up teeth. He’s even going to have to go to a Texas hospital to treat his burns.

“It’s life changing,” Smith said. “We’re looking at a complete alteration of our life that we had before.”

GoFundMe accounts for Cameron and Aidan have been posted.