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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two detention officers at the Oklahoma County Detention Center are now finding themselves booked into the jail. The pair are accused of both conspiracy and intent to distribute drugs from inside the jail.

“It’s just real hard to keep secrets in a building with 1,800 people,” said Greg Williams, Oklahoma County Jail Administrator.

It all started a few weeks ago. That’s Williams said the jail became aware of contraband, or illegal items, finding the way in to detainees’ hands.

“When you start seeing contraband, when you find tobacco and you see things in the pod and housing unit, then you know you’ve got a breach in something somewhere,” Williams said

Akhigbe Smith was arrested on Feb. 20, followed by Keoni Damas on Feb. 23. 

The jail says Smith was hired last summer when the trust took over the jail and Damas was hired by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

“We called them in and talked to them on two different occasions. They even admitted, confessed to what was going on,” Williams said. “We were able to recover much of the contraband. We hope maybe all of the contraband that was brought in at one particular case.”

And as for what they were smuggling in…

“Typically, it’s drugs and tobacco, cell phones. That is really the staple of contraband that people smuggle in,” Williams said. “That’s consistent with what we’re finding.”

Williams says both Smith and Damas were terminated from their positions immediately. 

But the jail is still looking into whether more could be involved.

“We’re not finished,” Damas said. “We are not gonna mess around. There is too much at stake. We are trying to get these detainees sober and get their lives squared away and we do not need staff or people outside distracting from that kind of an operation.”

Right now, charges are pending with the District Attorney.