NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Chance the Rapper along with other artists were in Norman on Saturday night, headlining a free concert which drove in thousands of people. 

The event was all started by a group of Christian students on OU’s campus who had a dream fill the Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Their goal was to share the gospel with others. 

The stadium holds 67,000 people. The event hosts told KFOR they had 6,000 tickets on the waitlist. People from all over were visiting OU’s campus to worship with big name artists. 

OU students Josh Robinson and Nathan Wong are founders of Saturday night’s Fill the Stadium event. They had the idea to make history before graduating this year. 

“We decided that this is important because we look around and see that our campus is hurting and broken. We see that there’s a need for hope. And his name is Jesus,” said Nathan Wong, Co-founder of Fill the Stadium.

They said the idea started in a coffee shop and they invited students back in early September to start planning the event to bring others closer to Christ. 

“We’re really expectant and excited for their testimonies and how that’s going to connect and relate to people who look up to them and get to hear about how they found Jesus,” said Josh Robinson, Co-founder of Fill the Stadium. 

5-time Grammy award winning artist Chandler Moore opened for Chance the Rapper. He was there to help pull off a successful night along with artist Kari Jobe.

“Tonight’s goal is simple, I think, it is to make Jesus known… That student movement is crazy, it’s one of the first in this country to happen,” said Chandler Moore, performer. 

One student who is also an organizer is finally seeing it all come together. 

“When you start with a group of maybe 20 people and you go to 86,000 seats, it is definitely all in God’s hands,” said London Harper, organizer. 

“I love seeing when somebody makes that decision, a salvation of faith. I mean, I know God has changed my life extraordinarily. So, it’s kind of crazy seeing it happen on a large scale,” said David Dimandja, organizer. 

Other students were also excited for the big night. 

“We’re really moved to like see a bunch of people and like especially at the stadium being sold out. Like we feel that the gospel is really coming through and we feel powerful about this event,” said Megan John, OU student.  

Chance the Rapper hit the stage just after 10 p.m. Saturday night. 

The students also broke history. This is the first event, in over a decade, the stadium hasn’t been filled with something other than football.