OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Disturbing, that is the word many people used after seeing two kids abuse and kill multiple animals inside Petland.

A parakeet, rabbit, gerbil and guinea pig were among the animals hurt or killed. The owner and employees of Petland were devastated after watching the security footage and one psychologist says seeing that behavior is an immediate red flag.

“Children who are intentionally harming animals is really a significant sign that that child needs professional help,” Dr. Beverly Funderburk, Clinical Psychologist said.

Dr. Funderburk has dealt with many children who have behavioral issues. She says when dealing with harming animals, the older they are the more serious the issue is.

“It is a real red flag,” Dr. Funderburk said.

Animal Welfare is working the case alongside Oklahoma City Police and they say they deal with several animal cruelty cases a year, but not often are they like this.

“Mostly you’re going to see individual cases that we see every day,” Crystal Slocum, Administrative Specialist with OKC Animal Welfare said. “This type of year with dogs in the back yard being tied to a tree with no water or no shade. These cases are always very heartbreaking, especially in this case.”

The owner of Petland says they have never had anyone come into the store and abuse their animals before.

“We were sickened by this,” Carl Swanson, Owner of Petland said. “Our staff was really impacted by this because they work with these animals. They take care of them every day, and I mean, it hurt.”

Animal welfare says the people responsible will be held accountable.

“These poor little critters didn’t deserve that, so we have to be their voice,” Slocum said. “We have to make sure justice is served for them.”