Midwest, Okla. (KFOR) — A gruesome dog attack sent two children from Midwest City to a hospital. The attack happened in a neighborhood off Fairchild and Key.

“I’m out in my front yard and I hear screaming just this blood wrenching scream,” said Cherokee King.

Without thinking Cherokee King and her friend took off running down the street.

“I see these dogs that are trying to bite from underneath the trampoline,” said King.

Her daughter was at a neighbors house when a pitbull escaped a home and started attacking the daughter and another friend.

“There’s so much blood, there’s so much meat like there’s guts everywhere,” explained King.

King said her neighbors heard the noise and rushed to the scene fighting the dog off the two girls.

Witnesses said the dog kept attacking but eventually the group was able to pull the kids to safety.

“You would never in a million years think that you would see that first person to person,” said Brittany Wiyninger, the aunt of the other girl attacked.

They said the owners never stepped in to help the children.

“Even in the midst of me screaming like get a weapon, like its your house you’re just standing there,” added Samantha Redd, a friend of King.

According to neighbors, police and animal control showed up and the dog was taken away.

Both girls barely escaped, but they were left with gashes to their legs and broken bones.

“I would never wish that, it literally makes you sick, my stomach has not been right since then,” added Wiyninger. “Its heart breaking, heart warming, but it was complete chaos.”