NINNEKAH, Okla. (KFOR) – An update on Wednesday’s breaking news near Chickasha. Here’s more information about the fiery scene. 

It happened at a warehouse right off of US 81, along Quail Road. The alcohol fire devoured a facility containing hand sanitizer. The fire quickly grew in size, also catching other items outside the facility on fire, along with causing small fires surrounding the property.   

It is a much different scene from Wednesday, it has calmed down a lot Thursday. The Grady County Emergency Management director told KFOR the fire is out, but it’s still somewhat smoking. 

“Biggest challenge is when you’re dealing with an alcohol fire, a lot of times you can’t see the flames and it’s a very intense heat,” said Rodney Gregory, interim fire chief for the Grady County Fire Department.  

A small crew of fire personnel are continuing to monitor the site until safe. 

The Grady County Emergency Management Director told KFOR Wednesday they could be here until the end of the week. 

“That’s about all we can do is just monitor,” said Dale Thompson, director of Emergency Management for Grady County.  

Our KFOR crew spotted a small fire burning in the warehouse Thursday afternoon.  

“People need to be concerned, breathing in the smoke and chemicals. It should burn pretty clean. So there shouldn’t be any concern on that,” said Gregory.

Curtis Hart says his family owns the facility that burned back in August. That too held hand sanitizer and burned for several days. He is upset to hear it’s happened again.  

It sure looks bad. Two in a row, within two miles in a lot of buildings there… We don’t deserve all this attention here in town,” said Curtis Hart, Chickasha resident and owner of Muscle Car Ranch. 

One Chickasha resident agrees.

“My opinion is it shouldn’t have happened… Very weird that we’d have one just blocks away from the first one. And it makes me wonder, you know, how much more of this stuff is just lying around the country,” said Tory Wise, Chickasha resident. 

It’s still unclear what caused the massive fire.  

OSBI told KFOR they’ve been requested to investigate if the fire is ruled arson and they will work with the State Fire Marsal’s Office and local partners during the investigation.