OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A metro church and local organization are offering their facilities to house the homeless who are suffering from COVID-19, the flu, and other illnesses.

Pastor Sandy Lynn Patton, of WWJD Westlawn Church, told News 4 she personally knows the homeless community surrounding her congregation, near Sheridan and Villa. She believes up to 80-percent of the community are sick.

The pastor, who is also a BSN and trained missionary, isn’t sure if they have COVID-19, the flu or some other virus.

For days, Pastor Patton has been looking for a facility big enough to house all the sick homeless people. She said they’re in between the stages of being able to help themselves and being admitted to the hospital.

Friday, Pastor Dwayne Rogers, of Wildewood Christian Church is offering it’s gymnasium to house the homeless.

Thursday, Ebenezer Baptist Church stepped up to help WWJD Westlawn, by donating cots and food for the sick. Pastor Derrick Scobey also said he’d be willing to pay rent if someone would offer their facilities.

Each day Pastor Patton has dedicated to helping the population, she has discovered the needs continue to evolve.

Patton said now they need help from the community to transport the ill to the facilities by Saturday night.

With each step, Patton has found new hurdles to jump over. They’re also looking for volunteers to help find more sick homeless people outside of her community to inform them there will be a place to stay.

Patton also said they need to give the sick fresh clothing a, blankets, and wash cloths.

If you’re interested in helping, Pastor Patton wants you to call her at 405-716-0881.