OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) — A mobile Medical Unit rolled into Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, with hopes of addressing homeless and at-risk veterans healthcare needs.

“We’re the second VA in the country to receive this,” said Caleb Powers with VA Healthcare System. “We try to serve as many homeless veterans as we can, both medical, dental, whatever needs they have.”

Powers explained homeless veterans make up about 11% of the city’s population.

There will be a physician and nurses on board ready to help the veterans, wherever they are.

“We’ll check them out in terms of full vitals, we will check and we have the ability to do the blood testing, the urine test samples. We can also do diagnostic testing,” explained Aayshah Muneerah, with VA Healthcare System.

VA staff members said the goal is to care for those who don’t have access to regular clinics.

“They don’t have to worry about traveling,” said Muneerah. “We want our veterans to know that we are there for them.”

This is something Richard Olson knows firsthand.

“If it wasn’t for the VA, I would still be out there. I’d be homeless,” explained Olson. “They’ve helped me on the way with with medical, with rehab, with everything.”

Olson served in the Army for six years, and said he’s excited to see fellow veterans receive the same help.

“This is one more in their toolbox that can help them and anything to help the veterans I’m for.”

The medical unit will be on display for people to visit at the Veteran Affairs ‘Sooner Show Down’ event Friday, September 7.