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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – This week, the Oklahoma State Department of Health is launching an online COVID-19 vaccine scheduler portal.

Officials say the portal will notify Oklahomans when they’re eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and provide more information on how to schedule an appointment.

Now, Oklahomans can visit the portal and pre-register. By entering their information and pre-registering, they will determine their eligibility to receive the vaccine.

Beginning Jan.7, only Oklahomans who are 65-years-old and older, healthcare workers, and first responders will be able to schedule appointments.

As the state advances in the phased approach to vaccine distribution, the system will notify and allow individuals in additional priority groups and phases the opportunity to schedule their appointment.

Authorities say if you pre-register on Wednesday, regardless of priority group, you will receive an automated message that says you are not eligible for an appointment. Instead, you will be notified of appointment eligibility beginning on Thursday.

Officials stress that just because you’re eligible to receive the vaccine doesn’t mean you ‘ll receive an appointment right away.

Appointment availability will depend on vaccine supply in each county, which changes from week to week as the state receives more vaccine doses from the federal government.

If you’re not currently eligible to receive the vaccine or if there are no appointments available in your area based on vaccine supply, registering in advance will ensure you are notified by email when an appointment is available. 

As a reminder, there is no list for Oklahomans to be added to in order to be included in the state’s phased approach to vaccine distribution. The Vaccine Scheduler Portal is a tool to help notify eligible Oklahomans when and where they can receive the vaccine when an appointment is available to them. 

Oklahomans can begin the pre-registration process today at