OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After a vicious dog attack on a group of teens in northwest Oklahoma City was caught on camera, neighbors told KFOR this is not the first time it’s happened and they are looking to stop it from happening again.

The dog attack happened on a street in the Rock Knoll neighborhood.

Four teen boys were walking down the street, when a dog off its leash came from a yard all of a sudden and started attacking the boys. 

Security cam footage from a neighbor across the street shows the dog come out of nowhere, jumping on one boy and knocking down another.

You can see and hear the dog owner commanding it to stop, but it doesn’t listen to commands and continues to attack.  

The boys were eventually able to walk away, and the owner of the dog was able to get it inside.  

One neighbor saw the entire thing while playing with his granddaughter outside. 

“My thought was that dog was trying to kill that kid. And there’s not one thing I can do about it. So, there were enough people around that they finally got the dogs subdued and taken away… I just think, you know, that 100-pound dog would have ripped that kid apart,” said Cliff Lowry, Rock Knoll neighborhood resident.  

Neighbor Cliff Lowry said it’s been an ongoing issue and the dog has attacked before, including one time the dog broke off its leash from a tree.  

“That’s the third time in the past ten months. About ten months ago, my son in law was jogging one morning, and the dog got out and chased him, and he got up on some trash cans… And the owner, somebody from the house came and got the dog and put it in,” said Lowry.  

KFOR spoke with the alleged dog owner Monday. She told News 4 the dog has never shown aggression before.  

“All I can tell you is it’s being taken care of. We’ve already reached out to Humane Society. We’ve already taken care of all of that. They do not they do not do anything with the pet until 14 days after an appointment is made. And we have to call for an appointment,” said there dog owner. 

While KFOR couldn’t find the teens who were attacked, the dog’s owner told KFOR the situation is being taken care of.  

“I’ve talked to the parents. They chose to not reach out to me. I offered to pay all medical bills. I’ve offered to do all of that stuff, and they chose not to. But I can guarantee you it’s being taken care of,” said the dog owner. 

After reviewing the footage, John Gary, the superintendent for Oklahoma City Animal Welfare said that’s a potential dangerous dog charge.  

“We need witnesses to come forward. But definitely seeing that video, it does meet the criteria for a dangerous dog,” said Johnathan Gray, superintendent for Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.  

Gary said he plans to look into this incident.  

“I’m going to actually have the supervisor reach out to him and see if we can work with him to figure out what we need to do in this case,” said Gary.  

“I just think that 100-pound dog would have ripped that kid apart,” said Lowry. 

Oklahoma City Police said they will respond to a dog attack depending on the situation, but that should not discourage you from calling 911. In a non-emergency situation, you should call animal control. 

Animal Control also adds if you find yourself in a dog attack situation, don’t run because it will prompt the animal to continue to chase after you.