SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – As the sun starts to rise, we’re getting a better look at the damage Mother Nature left behind in Seminole.

On Wednesday evening, meteorologists began tracking a large supercell.

The storm eventually evolved into a tornado that touched down in Pottawatomie County before it made its way to Seminole.

Shortly before 7 p.m., tornado sirens sounded and alerted residents in Seminole to get to their safe spots.

Minutes after the tornado moved through downtown Seminole, KFOR stormtrackers were on the scene.

Roofs had been torn from buildings, power lines were down across the town, windows were blown out, and some buildings were destroyed.

As residents were outside surveying the damage, another tornado-warned storm started heading that way.

Officers with the Seminole Police Department drove through town and used their loudspeakers to warn residents to take cover for a second time that night.

Since the tornado knocked out power to the town, authorities were not able to sound the tornado sirens.

On Thursday morning, residents and business owners were able to get the first glimpse of the damage.

Officials say they will begin cleanup as soon as possible, but say most of the community is still without power.