PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – New dash camera video shows a Lexington man lead police on a chase topping 100 miles per hour before ending in a crash. 

Purcell’s Assistant Police Chief, James Bolling told KFOR the incident happened around 7:15 last Thursday morning. 

“Extremely dangerous at that time of morning,” said Bolling. “One of our patrol officers was on patrol near the school zone on the north end of Green and Purcell when he observed a vehicle going approximately 60 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone.” 

According to a police report, when the officer turned around to pull the car over, the driver, Coltyn Harrison, 22, sped off. 

“The vehicle sped up at a high rate of speed onto I-35,” said Bolling. “There was a similar incident with this subject a week before for some high speeds that he was subsequently arrested on the week before for speeding and possession of marijuana.”

Bolling says during the 6-mile chase, Harrison reached speeds faster than 100 miles per hour as he recklessly weaved in and out of traffic. 

“The vehicle drove on to the shoulders, passing vehicles on the left hand side,” said Bolling. 

Because the officer on the pursuit feared it became too dangerous, a police report shows he told police he was terminating it. 

“Simultaneously, while he was doing that, the vehicle exited at 101,” said Bolling. 

That’s when Harrison lost control of his car and flipped over. 

“And landed into a field approximately 150 yards from the exit,” said Bolling. 

According to Bolling, Harrison was taken to a hospital to get his injuries treated and has since been released. 

There’s currently a warrant out for his arrest. Bolling says Harrison’s looking at a handful of charges including felony eluding and driving with a suspended driver’s license.