OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Broadcast and video students from Francis Tuttle Technology Center experienced OKC Thunder Media Day on Monday, September 26.

Francis Tuttle video students experiencing OKC Thunder Media Day. Image courtesy Francis Tuttle Technology Center press release.

According to a press release, OKC Thunder Media Day is a day full of video and photo shoots preparing promotions for the upcoming season.

“I definitely got a major life experience out of it,” said Broadcast student Terrell Hunter. “I was in the green screen room. I got to work with the players a little bit, pump them up and get them in a playful mood for the video shoot.”

A group of students from numerous instructors received hands-on experience working with players and Thunder production staff while using professional equipment.

“I was in the messaging room. Players would come in and read off cue cards and record various messages,” Lanie Hansen said. “I got a real-world experience. You don’t get a do-over with work like that. You have to be ready to go.” Guy

Students spent the day attending various stations working with a green screen, recording video and operating audio equipment.

Although OKC Thunder Media Day has had students gaining experience with them for several years, this is the first time this group of students participated.

“What I liked is, I settled into it pretty easy,” Hunter said. “Now, I’m centered on a career working on a production team with ESPN. That’s my ultimate goal.”

According to Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s marketing coordinator, the students got the opportunity to meet the Thunder media staff as well as people from other outlets like ESPN, The Franchise and Fox Sports. They got to see professionals doing the work they one day hope to do.

“I really liked seeing the pattern they create to get what they want,” Hayden Mortimer, who worked with players in front of a giant LED animation screen, said. “You can take that process they use and apply it to your own work.”