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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A video that has now surfaced – after it was broadcast live on Facebook back in May – shows three inmates inside the Oklahoma County Jail appearing to smoke a joint inside their cell while grilling food over a flame using a makeshift grill.

“You see that? This is how we do this (expletive) up in the county,” an inmate inside the Oklahoma County Jail is heard saying on a video broadcast on Facebook live.

That jaw-dropping video shows three inmates, identified by officials at the jail as 31-year-old Artis Dixon, 33-year-old Quanterell Ellison and 23-year-old Hasheem Coleman, having a cookout inside their cell.

“This is the real deal, holy field my (expletive),” one of the inmates said in the video.

The three are seen cooking food over an open flame. They also appear to be smoking a joint.

“You, you a (expletive) we gonna get you when they’re not with you,” one of the inmates is heard saying.

Ultimately, Dixon was arrested by Oklahoma City police and charged with two counts of possession of contraband by an inmate.

This comes just two months after an officer working for the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority, also known as the jail trust, began investigating drug and cell phone “drops” at the jail, according to court documents.

According to the documents, on March 5, a cell search uncovered 23 cell phones, 243 grams of marijuana, 476 grams of tobacco, one used syringe, two piece of metal with a sharpened edge, multiple SIM card packages and other items.

In that case, three inmates, Kevin Folks, Preston Ray Barnard and Glenn Paul Marshall have been charged.

Three others, Jeremy Thomas Haggard, Izayah Diamal Jenkins and Dominic Branson Buckaloo are also facing charges for helping the inmates smuggle the items inside the jail.

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According to the documents, on March 11, a witness who was on a smoke break witnessed an individual run through an open gate and up to the jail.

The documents allege, “It was also reported that this individual tied a bag to a rope that was hanging out of the building and when the suspect ran away, the inmates in the cell pulled the bag up the building and in through the hole in the wall.”

News 4 asked the jail for comment and we have not heard back.