OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City woman was fast asleep when a shocking wake up call came crashing into her garage. 

“I heard screeching tires and a big crash and glass breaking and it woke me up because the alarm on the house was going off,” said Jeneile Marlow-Smith.

Still in a daze, she told KFOR she quickly looked around and didn’t see any signs of what happened. However, when she tried to turn her house’s alarm off, it wouldn’t stop beeping. 

“So, I went to go do another survey of the house and realized that there was a truck inside of the garage through the wall,” said Marlow-Smith. “I heard a young man in the truck moaning and I realized somebody was actually in the truck.” 

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, the driver of the pickup truck appeared to have been drunk. 

“It appears that he was intoxicated while he was driving and that contributed to the accident,” said Mgst. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department

The driver, Gerald Harper, was taken to a hospital then booked into jail.

Gerald Harper, courtesy of the Oklahoma County Detention Center

Meanwhile a restoration company spent the afternoon boarding up the home’s damage. 

“They’re building us a wall to give us some security,” said Marlow-Smith.  

While she’s waiting to hear back from insurance companies about how to move forward, Marlow-Smith says she’s relieved she and her dad are okay. 

“If it had happened just on the opposite side of this house, in the same situation, one or both of us would be dead,” said Marlow-Smith. “I mean, the truck literally came inside of the house.”