OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – This is a story we’re hot to trot on! There is a turkey in Oklahoma City that is the talk of the town. There is a video gobbling up views on Tik Tok that shows the bird chasing a student down the street. KFOR went to investigate on Thursday morning.  

A turkey in the area of SW 119th and Western near Moore is becoming famous on social media and it’s ruffling up everyone’s feathers on the southwest side of Oklahoma City.  

“It’s definitely an urban turkey,” said Marshall Huerta, works at Okie Express Auto Wash.  

KFOR didn’t have a hard time finding the turkey. We learned a little bit about why it is hanging around. There may be a different side to the bird, according to locals.

“He has now resorted to chasing children down Western. It was hilarious,” said Chelsea Crandall, posted the video on Tik Tok.  

Behind the camera is Oklahoma City mom, Chelsea Crandall. 

“Everybody wants updates every day on the turkey. They are loving it. They hope that he doesn’t get harmed. They are joking that they hope he makes it through to Thanksgiving, which I hope he does, too. I feel so bad for him sometimes,” said Crandall. 

Although the turkey seems to be chasing a student in the video, locals in the area say that’s out of character.

“I think it’s a wild turkey, but it’s very friendly,” said Huerta.  

The turkey even has names.  

Some call it Tommi the turkey, and others, Matilda. 

“I always see Matilda, the turkey here. So, it’s quite fascinating,” said Dave Kniffin, a regular at the Burger King on Western. 

Many say they’ve seen children from the local schools provoke the turkey before, possibly causing it to become more defensive. 

“We get a lot of kids coming from junior high over there and they’re walking through his territory,” said Huerta.  

Dave Kniffin is a regular at Burger King on Western.  

He says the turkey likes to hang out in the Burger King parking lot often and even gets fed breakfast every morning by Burger King employees. 

“The local Burger King here became her guardian and her caretaker… She’s become sort of like the full time pet,” said Kniffin.  

The community is now concerned for its safety and ask people to stay alert as it is known for crossing the street often.  

“He feels pretty comfortable in in our environment,” said Huerta. 

An employee told KFOR there were once two turkeys, but sadly the other was hit by a car.  

This turkey was first spotted in the area in March and has been there ever since.